MACHINES4MATH     innovating math with educational machines

Students usually consider math useful but hopelessly abstract, especially when dealing with the infinity

We propose a simple patented device to change such a perspective. It permits hands-on activites involving calculus concepts with components suitably  designed to hide nothing from users

bored by formulas?

lost in abstraction?

Materialize math, enjoy hands-on activities involving the concepts of tangent, exponential, derivative, integral and differential equation.

Build by yourself or buy your machine, look at the videos, and go on creating with us a network of people interested in developing such an approach!

one machine Many activities


how to get it?

Build your own machine

Download the project at thingiverse!

 You'll find all the source files and instructions: by 3D printing, laser cutting and a bit of DIY, you'll build your own machine

... And if you make some changes, share them with all the thingiverse community!

Goto thingiverse project

order your machine

Not enough time to construct the machine by yourself?

No problem, contact us to buy your personal way to touch calculus! 


we ARE

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founder and inventor

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Giorgio Gatti

product designer

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